Monday, October 14, 2013

Testing Lad thoughts on EEVil tester

"Nothing is True, Everything is permitted ".:- Relate it to testing and then start:-

 Belief , Break your beliefs, Ask questions for yourself and others , Try to find out the reason, Do the experiment what you got . How far you can go in testing ? .....When you start looking at the thing differently , everyone will doubt on you , Once they doubt they will ask from you and you have the ability to tell them what you have found.

Take a responsibility and go further ......... In the knowledge jungle. Make your own path and create your own rules. This is all about your head, think .... think...and mash up your head with thinking. Find out as much as you can. Draw anything that comes out of your head and Take the help of the mindmap.

These are a  few thoughts about testing which I learnt, applying not all...Still going on.

Testing is a never ending journey.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2 days test Disscc at Hyderabad

Woke up at 4:00 am in early morning. went to station, received him and come back home. Now, from the first hour onwards, testing started with a good note. Lot of disucssion happened , sharing ideas , planning and few passionate testie came and meet on weekend . Enjoyed a lot, Quiet a good experience.

Waiting for your next visit at hyderabad ...!!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tips to boost up testers productivity

Few Tips to boost the testers productivity:-

When I started reading blogs and watching videos of testing, I was not able to follow them up for a long time and ended up with lot of confusion with all the heavy materials . I was properly not able to figure out what is important for me what's not , What i have to follow and which one not. I was  frustrated and in a very tricky situation. Because, only reading and watching will not help. It went on for a long time with me, it's not like, I didn't get any benefit from them, saw some improvement in my testing skills but the real thing is, how a tester can get the real stuff from all these, What a tester can achieve from them.Here a few list of tips :-

1. Do not plan anything for a week . mostly , it never get succeed.
2. If read blog or watch any video, think about it for a while after reaidng or watching.How can you use it in your testing work ?
3. Bookmark the link of the video or blog, or else copy paste it some where.
4. Make few notes (i know lil bit boring ) about your understanding of the blog or video wtached.
5. At Weekend, do a walkthrough all the information about blog or vidoes and read your notes.
6. And lastly, Apply your own knowledge and investigate like CID, FBI.

This list is endless.....these all tips are based on my personal experience. If anyone has any tips , please feel free to add.

Please provide your comments, if you are reading this......!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012 Testing

Just as it is, it's Friday afternoon and weekend is nearby to start. People feel bored and wait for the time, when they will leave the office. For me, this Friday was a good experience. I almost going to shut down my testing activities but suddenly an idea or what we call it a perception clicks in my mind .

For one moment i think let it go yaar, will see on MONDAY,  it's weekend but then again, i stopped and let's give a try.

That try, the idea or perception was worthful for my whole day. I found two high priority issues and i was feeling  happy. Now,I am sharing my story about 2 issues:-

First , the inventory qty count was not updated correctly. The story goes on like this,when customer wants more product of same type after the order confirmation, then either we can go back and change the product count  or we can use duplicate button, As a result, the inventory count has to updated correctly after sale when customer wants multiple items of same type. Let' say , invent count is 100 and i purchased 10 items, and i need 10 more items of same type after the order confirmation , then user go back  & change the count to total 20,  then the final invent count becomes 80(expected result) .but when i checked the invent count was 70.

Second one, after finding first issue i was feeling Lil bit relaxed and satisfied. then, let's perform one more operation. The issue was something like Sale order screen buttons stops working suddenly. for a moment,I was not able to figure out what's going on wrong. Then , finally i found the root cause, it was simple whenever the searched product is not availability on the store and user tries to add it to order screen, all buttons stops working and the whole window hangs.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Flipkart Testing session with Ajay

On 27th October 2012 , I have attended my life's first testing workshop and that is in Microsoft..,,How lucky I am the chance to see Microsoft campus. The workshop was conducted by Ajay Balamurgudas.

On the next day, we have tested together flip website. My first experience with some brain storming and min mapper tester was great. Lot of new shortcuts and  small valuable concepts i have learn t with him.

My whole weekend was fruitful, Saturday and Sunday....workshop, Microsoft, new contact with some testers, testing flip